I have been attending Inspired Life Australia Expos for the past 5 years. I love the vibe our tribe of stall holders bring to these expos. We are passionate about what we do and what we share. Connecting to our hearts and trusting in our souls and guides that the people who stop to have sessions with us are there for guidance for their highest good.  We bring to these expo's our passion our dreams and share what we have learnt in our life and walk with others to help and inspire them. I am grateful for crossing paths with Donna, her life and story is pure inspiration and she is more than a women with a vision, she is walking the walk and talking the talk from heart and passion.  

Jo Hayden
Stall Holder & Facilitator

About Us

Donna Randell


Inspired Life Events Australia was created by owner Donna Randell over six years ago. With a passion for helping others after a life time of living in 'victim' mentality, Donna has learnt how to change that mindset to one of excitement and a love for life. A passion was created and a will to help one soul at a time.


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